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"kendy" (Kendall Finzer) is a Los Angeles and Seoul based Creative Director and Wardrobe Stylist.


Kendy gained fashion experience at a young age, learning pattern making as a teenager and working at designers' studios by the time she was eighteen. She eventually moved onto assisting several top wardrobe stylists in the industry in both the fashion world (Vogue, W, Vanity Fair, GQ, Wonderland) and the music world for top recording artists. 

Over the years, Kendy has expanded her scope and influence, traveling globally to bring to life several high fashion editorials, platinum selling album covers, music videos, campaigns, commercials, artist branding, look packing for arena tours, and more.

Having a core in fashion design has helped blossom her into a costume designer, allowing her to create innovative custom looks for clients and collaborate with designers on many projects. 

Through wardrobe styling and creative design, Kendy has found a medium in which her love of art, fashion, and music can interconnect. Her brand is shaped by her personal creativity, reflected by the passions, drive, and unique fingerprint of each artist she works with. 

ABOUT: Inner_about
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